In Iowa City and the surrounding towns, you can find creative people making art year round.

You'll find free street festivals, top-tier international touring acts, live music in dozens of venues, community theatre troupes in a million cozy corners, and writers in every coffee shop. 

Living in Iowa City

One of the best places to live in the country.

After just one visit, you'll see why. 


Think Iowa City

There’s always something to do.

You’ve found your destination: A place where you can question, think, debate, learn, enjoy, and grow.

Iowa City Cultural & Entertainment District

X Marks the Arts

From live music performances to art exhibitions and theatrical productions, X Marks the Arts spotlights the rich tapestry of creativity that defines Downtown Iowa City.

top 10

college town (USA Today)

We are part of an affordable, culturally colorful community with a healthy economy and a young, well-educated population.

1 ST

UNESCO City of Literature in America

Iowa City is one of 42 UNESCO Cities of Literature in the world, the first in America, and one of only two in the U.S.

112 %


Iowa City received a perfect score—plus extra points for additional efforts—from the Human Rights Campaign’s annual LGBTQ+ equality assessment (HRC, 2023).

# 13

Happiest City (USA Today)

Research has shown that Iowa City residents feel a sense of purpose, have supportive relationships, are financially secure and satisfied with their community, and are in good physical health.

downtown Iowa City streetscape full of people and food vendors

Summer in the City

Consistently voted one of the top college towns in the U.S., Iowa City has its summer charms, from shopping outdoors for original artwork in June to the sound of soul music hanging in the August air. 

The Best College Town

World-class academics. Renowned programs in everything from writing to medicine. Big Ten athletics. It's no surprise Iowa City is frequently named among the best college towns in America. We're proud to call this place home.

From highbrow to DIY, you'll find it here.

Iowa City is always living up to its reputation as a wonderful community for artists and art lovers of all kinds.

A Great Big Storm

What happens when a cold front meets a warm front?

A great big storm. That's what it's like when you visit the curious communities of Iowa City. There are things you expect, and things that surprise you. 

Iowa City mural being spray painted

Iowa City Downtown District

Welcome to our quirky, friendly small city.

Whether you are an audience member or creator today, we welcome you to explore our vibrant, expansive community known for its creative and inclusive spirit.

Writing at Iowa

The Top Public University in Writing + Communication.

A campus in a community that really understands what it means to center storytelling–it's something that you don't get everywhere else.

Performing Arts at Iowa